On Site Pharmacy

  • Our clinic offers immediate and convenient access to many preventive and therapeutic medications. This allows pets to start prescribed medication immediately.
  • Our staff can authorize you to refill your prescription and will prepare it for you to pick-up.

On Site Laboratory

The need of quickly testing blood, urine and body tissue samples to direct and confirm the diagnosis prompt us to equip our lab with the latest technology, including vet station lab , digital microscopy, complete blood count and biochemistry machines, urine automated analyzer and a wide range of one-step tests for Chlamydia, Distemper, Parvovirus, FIV/FLV, Corona Virus, Giardia test, Ehrlichia, Toxoplasma. 

One-Step tests are express tests, means the result will be ready in 10-15 minutes.


  • An ultrasound examination is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen. This technique is extremely useful in pregnancy, evaluating heart conditions, identifying changes in abdominal organs, and diagnosing cysts and tumors.


  • X-rays are used as a part of a diagnostic procedure if your pet is experiencing any health conditions or as preventive measure in a routine senior wellness. 
  • They are highly useful for screening areas of the body. Our clinic is equipped to perform routine radiology services to identify many types of illnesses and injuries.


  • Dermatological problems including disorders related to the ears, skin, mouth, hair, and nails, in addition to allergic disorders in pets, are among the primary reasons to bring a pet into the veterinarian, and while a variety of common skin conditions can be treated by a general veterinarian, certain diseases and injuries require the care of a specialist in order to ensure your pet receives the optimal level of care..

Oral and Dental Care

  • Your pet’s dental health is an important part of his overall health. Dental health problems is the most common disease in dogs and cats in the world and can lead to more serious conditions such as infections and heart or kidney disease.
  •  Dental disease can be easily prevented by visiting your veterinarian regularly for dental examinations and cleanings.


  • To provide the initial protection for a full year. Variety of vaccination and boosters are held by our qualified veterinarians, depends on customers requirements, patients needs and UAE law regulations.
  • Dogs –  Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Laringotracheitis, and  Kennel cough (Parainfluenza and Bordetella)
  • Cats – Rabies, Panleucopenia, Calicivirus, Herpesvirus, Leukemia vaccination, and Ringworm  vaccination .


  • Our clinic is equipped with a hospital section, where we can admit pets on an in-patient base. Our in-hospital staff will provide 24/7 excellent care in each case. You will be able to visit your little friend any time during the clinic’s working hours and get updates about their condition, undergoing treatment, and dynamic.

Vaccination and De-worming reminder

  • After becoming a client in our clinic, your pet will be registered in our system. 3 days before the date of your pet vaccination, our reception will send you a reminding letter with due dates and the name of the vaccine or de-worming.


  • ­­­pets don’t seem to notice any more than any other injection. Once the chip is in place, it should be there for the life of the pet.

Surgical services

  • Orthopedic & Laparoscopy surgeries

    • Orthopedic surgeries: surgeries involving musculoskeletal system, requested to treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine disease, degenerative disease, bones fractures, placing implants and intramedullary rods.
    • Laparoscopy surgeries: called minimal invasion surgeries, or keyhole surgeries. The laparoscopy surgeries  are a new surgery method with a small incision in the most comfortable and suitable. 
    • The benefits of this method are great: hemorrhaging and pain are reduced due to the small incision, and recovery is faster.

    Spays  and Neuters

    Spaying or neutering your pet can help him live a longer, healthier life, minimizes behavior problems and helps control the population of unwanted pets. Spaying or neutering your pet eliminates unwanted litters, which contributes to thousands of euthanasia procedures and millions of stray animals.

    • Spaying : Spaying is a surgical procedure in which both ovaries and uterus are completely removed from your female pet. 
    • Neutering: Neutering involves the removal of both testicles from your male pet. 

    Anesthetic Safety

    • Whenever anesthesia is involved your pet’s safety is always our primary concern. If surgery is suggested, you can feel comfortable knowing that our clinic only administers anesthesia in the utmost safe and cautious manner. In some cases, surgeries may be delayed or canceled until the veterinarian is confident that the procedure is safe to administer.

Pet Grooming

  • We believe in pampering your pets in the most luxurious and caring manner. Our highly qualified and trained technicians are well versed in handling pets of varied tempers and fears.

  • We practice keen eye for detail and utmost care while grooming the pets, thereby ensuring to avoid any discomfort. Additionally, we strongly believe in maintaining highest of hygiene standards in our grooming practices. Overal­­l, we aim to beautify and adorn your baby with an exceptional makeover.

    Basic grooming

    Shower | Shampoo and conditioner | Nail cut | Eyes cleaning | Ears cleaning | Paw pad cleaning

    Full grooming

    Shampoo and conditioner | Hair style | Trimming | Pawpads cleaning | Sanitary part shave | Cutting nails | Cleaning ears | Anal gland press

Pet Store

  • In Eleven Eleven Pet store you can find premium pet food and prescription diets here. We also have loyalty card and rewards on the purchase on the pet dry food

    We also have travel carriers, beds, toys, collars, leashes, litter boxes , disinfectants and much more! We also have a large variety of bird toys and accessories.

  • We will be helping clients find the best products for their pets.

Pet Insurance

  • As a pet owner you go above and beyond to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy. Pet insurance supports this quest to give your pet the best health care possible, without creating a dent in your pocket.

    A plan that works as hard for you do and provides the best care in time of need. It is wise to trade worries of uncertainty for peace of knowing that your Pet is in good hands.

blood transfusion

  • In Our Clinic we can supply your pet with packed red blood cells and fresh frozen and frozen plasma. To ensure that premium blood products are available in emergency cases